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Enterprises play an increasingly important role in society, shouldering more and more social responsibility. Zhuo sends the company itself to develop unceasingly, remembers own mission at the same time,Strengthen the construction of enterprise culture, serve the customers and return to the society. ZHOP has assembled great talent and built advanced technology because we know that technology is the driving force behind our lives.In order to make people more comfortable, better life, more efficient business activities and social development, we integrate technology and innovation, continue to challenge change, and create high-quality products.

Management idea:Scientific and technological innovation, the pursuit of excellence

Company vision:Build a world-class enterprise, Become the strategic partner of world famous companies

Company mission:Provide excellent service to the community, win great returns for shareholders, and create opportunities for employees to develop

Management philosophy:People oriented, truth-seeking and pragmatic

Spirit of enterprise:Learning, teamwork, professionalism, innovation

Core values:Customer first, integrity based, the pursuit of excellence, team win-win situation

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